Purchasing sheepskin seat covers for your vehicle can be a daunting task.  With the prices ranging from under $100 to
over $1000 for custom sets, it is important to know what to look for when picking your set of seat covers.

6 Tips When purchasing Sheepskin Seat Covers

1) Don't be tempted to go for the cheapest option

Sometimes, you may be tempted to go for the bargain basement set of sheepskin seat covers.  After all, sheepskin
is sheepskin right?  Well no it is not.  We recommend against doing this, as the sheepskin used in cheap sheepskin seat covers
are usually not made from one piece.  They are made from the off cuts of sheepskin and stitched together to make a 
diamond cut pattern.  This usually results in the sheepskin seat covers being rough, and having colour variation.  The stitching
is also the weak point in the seat cover.  Having stitches running through much of the front of the seat covers can
cause the sheepskin seat covers to break down faster.  
Entry level diamond cut sheepskin seat covers also usually only come in 1 colour (usually charcoal).  If you are after a good colour match,
a higher grade sheepskin seat covers, such as the Rivergum, will have a range of colour options including: charcoal, black,
grey, ivory or mocha.

2) Do your seats have side integrated airbags?

Most late model vehicles these days have side airbags in the front seats.  In fact, no new car can be sold in Australia today
without having airbags in the front seat, so if you drive a late model car, chances are you will have airbags in the seats.
Many drivers do not realise that their seats have airbags in them, and simply purchase any set of sheepskin seat covers they think
will fit the seat.  This is a big mistake, as it can be extremely danger to cover up the airbag opening, especially during an accident.
This can also lead to issues with your insurance company, if you have covered up your airbag seats with sheepskin seat covers not made
specially for this application.
Deploy Safe seat covers are government approved and tested to work with side integrated airbags.  They feature a computerised
controlled stitching which allows the stitching to open up in case of an accident.  The stitching is invisible to the eye, so you will
never notice you have Deploy Safe stitching in the seat cover.

3) How long is the warranty?

When investing in a good set of sheepskin seat covers, ensure that the set comes with a long warranty life.  This will give you the confidence
that the manufacturer has made a decent product and is willing to stand behind the product if anything goes wrong.
A good set of sheepskin seat covers should last many years on your vehicle with regular use, so look for a set of sheepskin seat covers
with at least 2 years warranty.

4) Extra Features: Map pockets, front pockets

A good set of sheepskin seat covers will not only cover your seats, but will also provide you with extra storage features.  These
usually include a rear map pocket, front pocket and sometimes side pockets.  These are extremely useful for storing your magazines, maps or your mobile phone.

5) Separate headrest cover is included

Most cars these days have adjustable headrests which are removable.  Ensure your sheepskin seat covers have a separate cover
for the headrest so you can still adjust it.   Your sheepskin seat covers should therefore come in 2 pieces: the base and backrest in one,
and the headrest as the second piece.

6) The thickness of sheepskin pile is stated

A quality sheepskin seat cover will always state the depth of the sheepskin pile.  These usually range from 18mm to 27mm.  This length
is the thickness of the actual fur and does not include padding of lining.  Some sheepskin seat cover brands include measurements such as 
"Total comfort" which take into consideration padding etc.  These brands should be avoided as they are usually very misleading and
offer a lower quality skin at a higher price.