Is your car ready for winter?


In Australia, we are extremely privileged to have a warm climate that provides good temperatures and sun during the summer months.

However, due to our location in the Southern Hemisphere, winter does show its face for a few months during the middle of the year – with the nation starting to show signs of a cool change. In fact, centres such as Melbourne and Canberra are experiencing chillier mornings and nights, with the mercury only expected to fall further in the weeks ahead.

As such, now is the time for Australian drivers to consider their options for the winter season. How can they ensure their car is comfortable and warm?

At Motoquipe, one option is to invest in a sheepskin seat cover. Read on to learn about how sheepskin can make the difference in your vehicle this winter.

Perfect for any conditions

Due to the physical nature of sheepskin, it is common to think that it is only useful during the cold conditions. However, according to the US Sheepskin Incorporation, the unique "breathing properties of wool's hollow fibers" allow good breathability – regulating temperatures accordingly.

Of course, during winter, sheepskin is able to provide both extra warmth and comfort for your journey – regardless of length.

Absorbs sweat

Another benefit of purchasing a sheepskin seat cover is that it can absorb sweat easily. As such, if you have the heater temperature too high, there are no marks left on the upholstery.

Based on the US Sheepskin Incorporation, sheepskin is much faster at submitting sweat into the air than synthetics. Depending on the fabric, this could be up to seven times quicker.

Comfortable feel

With traffic in many Australian centres continuing to worsen and concepts like Uber becoming popular, there is no doubt that we are spending more and more time in our vehicles. As such, it makes sense to choose a seat cover that adds comfort for long periods of time behind the wheel.

According to Auto Anything, this natural material beats other seat covers fabrics such as upholstery, velour, or neoprene in the all-important comfort stakes.

If you would like to know more sheepskin seat covers, feel free to contact us today. We are able to tailor a seat cover to your exact make and model to ensure your winter driving experience is as warm and comfortable as possible.