Black Duck is the premium seat cover brand in Australia. They are handmade in WA, and custom designed for specific models of vehicles.
The canvas is what Black Duck is famous for. 15.6oz heavy duty military grade Australia canvas, there is no other canvas on the market with the same durability and fit as the Black Duck.
Black Duck also have the denim material which is designed to be more comfortable than the canvas and below we compare the 2 materials.

Black duck: canvas or denim?

Water Resistance

The Black Duck canvas is 100% waterproof, including the back, sides and skirting of the seats. The denim however is water resistant, meaning liquid will eventually soak through if enough liquid is spilt on the material. For top resistance to water, go for the canvas.

Winner: Canvas


The canvas seat covers do not have any lining. They are made from pure canvas only. The denim has a foam backed lining with a soft polyester netting.  

Winner: Denim


Heavy duty canvas by nature, canvas is a tough and rigid fabric. Although the seat covers are custom fitting, the rigidity of the fabric does not allow the seat covers to have an OEM looking finish that other softer materials can offer.  The denim being softer and stretchier, will mould to the edges of the seats better than the canvas will.

Winner: Denim


The denim range for released specifically for comfort. With the high density foam backing and 16.2oz cotton twill fabric, the denim is the clear choice for comfort. The canvas on the other hand, was made with durability in mind. The canvas is tough and no backing means a rougher ride.

Winner: Denim


The canvas being the original material of Black Duck has a range of 3 standard colours: grey, black and brown, as well as a large range of non standard colours including Camo, Khaki and Olive. The denim only has 2 choices: grey and black.

Winner: Canvas


Possibly the most durable seat covers on the Australian market, the Black Duck canvas is head and shoulders above most other canvas seat cover brands. This also includes the denim material which is designed with comfort and style in mind.

Winner: Canvas

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