We are now recommending to all our customers to add the shipping insurance option
when making a purchase of any Protective Plastics products. These include weathershields,
headlight protectors, bonnet protectors and rear dust deflectors.

What are Protective Plastics

Protective Plastics are an Australian brand which make plastics such as weathershields and
bonnet protectors. Weathershields and other plastics are made from clear acrylic and are
attached to the outside of the vehicle. Weathershields for example are attached to the outside
of the front door of the car to allow fresh air to enter the car, whilst preventing rain from entering. 
Weathershields also calm the air down that enters the car, rather than the usual violent wind
which hits your face.
Bonnet protectors, also known as bonnet guards, attach to the base of the bonnet. Bonnet protectors
are usually made from clear and tinted acrylic.They are designed to protect your bonnet from
stones and debris which can hit your bonnet and cause expensive damage.

How We Prepare Plastics For Dispatch

Bubble wrap for Weathershields

We understand that plastics such as weathershields and bonnet protectors are very fragile. 
They are bulky and are made from acrylic, so are prone to cracking. The plastics are designed
to take a lot of force, as they are an exterior accessory of your car, but are at their most vulnerable
when they are in transit and not yet fitted to a vehicle.

Bubble Wrapped Weathershield

Because of this, we take great care in packing and wrapping the plastics in preparation for dispatch. 
All plastics are wrapped individually in bubble wrap, and then put inside a custom made box.
Fragile stickers are then finally applied to ensure the courier driver treats the parcel with great care.

Why You Should Opt For Added Shipping Insurance

Shipping insurance on weathershields

Even with this amount of care in packaging, on the odd occasion parcels can still get damaged in transit. 
Because of this, we recommend adding shipping insurance when checking out and making a purchase. 
Especially for a fragile item such as a weathershield or bonnet protector. 
Justifiably, non fragile items such as seat covers and floor mats can also be insured, against loss in transit. Shipping insurance covers both damage and loss in transit. 
The cost of adding shipping insurance to set of drivers and passenger side weathershields is only $4.80. 
This is certainly a worthwhile investment and will add peace of mind that no matter what happens,
you will receive your weathershields in perfect condition