When looking to purchase seat covers for seats with side integrated airbags, always insist on the seat covers having the Deploy Safe stitching technology. Regular universal seat covers are not suitable for seats with airbags and can void your warranty, or can cause you serious harm in the event of an accident.
The Deploy Safe seat covers use a special thread and computerised controlled stitching in the side seams, which open immediately upon airbag deployment. This stitching is similar to the stitching used by car manufacturers in their airbag seats.
Each Deploy Safe seat cover comes with a unique verification barcode stitched into each seam for maximum quality control. Each barcode can be attach to a certificate which is provided for registration. 
The majority of the Motoquipe tailor made seat covers, and sheepskin seat cover range come with the Deploy Safe technology, so when purchasing your next set of seat covers, look for the Deploy Safe logo.