Short Answer: No

Long Answer: Hi, it's Robert from Motoquipe, I'm just going to talk about the neoprene seat covers for a moment, and what we are going to brush up on is the heat factor with them: whether they get too hot in the car.

Now what I've noticed is, and I've had both of our versions: the Wet N Wild and the Wet Seat is they tend to absorb the heat but they don't reflect the heat. So it's not like leather or leather look seats where it reflects the heat and you can burn your legs. The neoprene absorbs it, and it becomes more of a dull heat and it doesn't burn your legs.

In 40 degree weather you are going to sweat anyway but I believe the neoprene does not attribute to more sweating. I have done trips to the desert in my 4WD with my Wet n Wild seat covers and I've recently bought the Wet Seat high quality ones with absolutely no issues so I believe it does not affect the heat factor at all.

Motoquipe Customer Service

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