6 Easy Steps to Fitting Your Dashmat


1) Clean the Back of Your Dashmat
We will be sticking the hook and loop onto the dashmat, so make sure this area is clean and free of dust.
You can use water, but we have used a gentle surface spray you can get from any grocery store.

Clean your dashmat

2) Clean Your Dash
This is an important step if you have previously applied protectants such as Armorall to your dash, 
which can prevent the hook and look from sticking properly. Again use a gentle spray cleaner, wipe off and let dry.

clean your dash

3) Stick the Hook and Loop Together
In preparation for sticking this to the dash, we combine the hook and loop.

Stick hook and loop

4) Stick the Hook and Loop to the Dash
Use the long side to stick to the dash. You should have about 6 pairs of hook and loop.
Spread the hook and loops throughout the dash as evenly as possible.

Stick hook and loop to dash


5) Peel the Top of the Hook and Loop
Expose the sticky surface at the top of the hook and loop.

Unpeel hook and loop

7) Lay the Dashmat
Line up the front of the dashmat to the front of your dash first.
Then slowly lay the dashmat down and press to smooth to the dash.

Lay the dashmat