Neoprene seat covers are one of the most popular seat covers material.  They are soft, durable, and also extremely water resistant, making them a great multi pupose seat cover for any lifestlye.

There are 2 brands of Neoprene seat covers: Wet n Wild, and Wet Seat.  Both are popular and high quality.

We breakdown the key differences between the 2 brands:

  Wet N Wild Wet Seat
Neoprene Quality 2.00mm ✔ 2.70mm 
Lining Foam ✔ Sharkskin rubber 
Back/Skirting material Poly stretch fabric ✔ Full Neoprene 
Custom Price (per row) ✔ $259 $360 front / $405 rear
Universal Front Price ✔ $109 pair Not available
Universal Rear Available ✔ Yes No
Warranty 12 months ✔ 24 months 
Pattern Range ✔ Nearly all cars Not available for sedans or hatches
Custom made timeframe ✔ 7-10 days 7-8 weeks
Colours Available Black ✔ Black, grey
Stitching Colours White, red, blue, black with black neoprene. Charcoal with charcoal neoprene. ✔ White, red, blue, black,
orange, charcoal with black or grey neoprene
Airbag Allowance ✔ Deploy Safe stitching  Airbag stitching
Logo ✔ No logo  Small Wet Seat logo
Console Cover Available No ✔ Yes 
Tie System Ties ✔ Straps and velcro 
Brand ✔ Ilana ✔ Wetseat

How to read this chart.


Both brands of neoprene are machine washable on cold and gentle cycle.

As you can see, the seat covers differ greatly in terms of features as well as price.  For more information, please call us on 1300 554 288 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday AEST.


beige console cover

black with black stitching neoprene

black with white stitching

black with yellow stitching

grey with white stitching

wet seat premium

wet seat grey with charcoal stitching