Custom made seat covers, are car seat covers which are specially made for your specific vehicle,
in the material and colour you choose. The seat covers are handmade* to order.

It is important to know all the details of the vehicle you are purchasing for, as well as the entire process
which goes into creating and delivering these handmade seat covers to you. 

When ordering custom made seat covers, we recommend you allow 7-10 days for the seat covers
to be made, and then a few days for the seat covers to be delivered to you from our warehouse.
Here are some important points to consider when ordering custom made car seat covers.

Carefully Check Your Car Details

This is probably the most important detail to consider when ordering custom seat covers
You must keep in mind that custom made seat covers are handmade made specifically for you. 
The seat covers are not an “off the shelf” product. They will be cut, measured and stitched just for your order. 
Because of this fact, we do not allow returns or refunds on such custom made seat covers. ***
Before placing your order, always make sure you know:

1) The brand of your car. eg. Ford
2) The model of your car. eg. Ranger
3) The class of your car model. eg PX 
4) The shape of your car. eg. Dual Cab Ute
5) The month and year of your car. eg October 2012

Our custom seat cover listings will always feature a date range eg. 1/2008 - 5/2012. 
This date range means: January 2008 to May 2012.

For the latest model vehicles, the date range will say for example 4/2013 - on. 
This means April 2013 till the current model. In this case, if your have a July 2014 model for example,
then this seat cover will suit.

If you the date range of the seat cover says 1/2008 - 5/2012 but your vehicle is made in 2006,
do not make the purchase. The date range is not suitable for your vehicle and you will need to
search for the correct listings to suit.

This is very important, as custom made seat covers are made very specific, and a wrong year
or model could lead to seat covers being made for you which do not fit.

Choose Your Fabric and Place Your Order

Ordering Custom Made Seat Covers

This is the fun part. You can choose from our wide variety of seat cover materials and colours. 
Our most popular: the Esteem Velour seat covers are already listed on the Motoquipe website for
most vehicles made after 2005. These are available in black or charcoal grey, but most other materials
are available. 
Please contact us for more information on ordering a custom colour or fabric.

The next step is to place your order. For the custom made Esteem Velour seat covers, you can simply
add the item to your cart and “checkout” to make payment. For other materials, contact us and we will
create a custom link for you to purchase.

Order is Made and Dispatched

Once we receive your order, our friendly staff will then review, and then send the order to the tailor to
be hand made. If there are further questions regarding your order we will contact you for clarification. 

The tailor will receive your order and begin making your custom seat covers
This process takes about 7-10 days. Once this is complete, the finished seat covers are sent to our warehouse.

Once the custom seat covers arrive to our warehouse in Adelaide, the seat covers will be packed
and dispatched to your door. 

The whole process from placing your order to receiving your custom seat covers can take up to 2 weeks.

*Universal front seat covers are occasionally supplied for sets in which the front seats are universal
bucket seats with or without side airbags. The price of the set will be lower to reflect this.  
Fully custom made fronts can be requested at extra cost.

*** Custom Made Items

Custom made items are non returnable or refundable. These include custom made seat covers and custom made floor mats.

If the problem with a product is minor, we will offer a free repair.

A refund however will be granted if the product is:
- Not of merchantable quality
- Unsafe
- Significantly different from the description in our listing
- Does not fit or perform as recommended, and cannot easily be repaired.