Frequently Asked Questions about Sheepskin Seat Covers


Q: Are sheepskin seat covers machine washable?
A: No, they are dry clean only.


Q: Will these sheepskin seat covers fit my car?
A: Our sheepskin seat covers will fit standard bucket seats with adjustable headrests and
with or without side airbags. For tailored fitting seat covers, custom made seat covers are available.


Q: Are they made in Australia?
A: The off-the-shelf sets are made in China to keep the costs down. Custom hand made sets
are made in Australia.


Q: How much are rear sheepskin seat covers?
A: Rear sheepskin seat covers need to be hand made. Here is a link to the pricing guide.


Q: Why are custom sheepskins so expensive?
A: Custom sheepskins are hand made in Australia by expert tailors. They are made using hand
selected Australian sheepskin. This is reflected in the higher price.


Q: How long does it take for custom sheepskins to be made?
A: 7-10 days.


Q: Where are custom sheepskin seat covers made?
A: Melbourne, Australia.


Q: Why is acrylic fur used on the back of sheepskin seat covers?
A: Genuine sheepskin does not have much stretch. To make universal fitting seat covers which
fit on a variety of seats, a stretchy material needs to be used. Acrylic fur looks and feels similar 
to genuine sheepskin but is very stretchy resulting in a better fit.


Q: Can I have sheepskin seat covers made from 100% sheepskin.
A: These are no longer available.


Q: Are these made from Australian sheepskin?
A: Yes.


Q: If you use Australian sheepskin why do you not just make the seat covers in Australia?
A: All Australian sheepskins are sent overseas for processing first. There are no sheepskin
tanneries left in Australia. The processed sheepskins are then made into seat covers overseas
at a lower cost.


Q: I have contoured seats, will these still fit?
A: Most seats have at least a bit of contour. Universal fitting sheepskin seat covers will still fit these.
If the contour is very pronounced like sports seats, then custom made is recommended.


Q: Does the acrylic fur come off easily?
A: Our acrylic fur has been tested to not come off easily.


Q: How long is the warranty?
A: Depending on which quality of sheepskins you select, the warranty ranges from 12 months to
7 years.


Q: Do the seat covers have pockets?
A: Yes most of the seat covers have front, and map pockets.


Q: Are high back seat covers available?
A: Yes size 60/25 high back is available, off the shelf.


Q: I have a bucket and ¾ bench seat configuration for my ute. Do you do sheepskins for this?
A: These will need to be custom made. Here is a link to the pricing guide.


Q: How are the seat covers fastened?
A: Sheepskins are fastened using heavy duty clips.


Q: Is there a cheaper option to custom made rear sheepskins?
A: Yes, you can have the rear seat covers hand made in acrylic fur. This will cost $249.99.


Q: I have purchased sheepskin seat covers before, and found that the fur comes off onto my clothes.
A: This can be seen on lower quality sheepskin. The sheepskin we use is high quality Australia
sheepskin and the fur will not easily come off. We recommend that you shake off any loose fur that
may have collected from the factory before fitting them onto your seats.


Q: What does warranty cover?
A: Warranty covers stitching faults and defects in the sheepskin. For custom mades, the warranty
also covers incorrect manufacture. 


Q: What colours are available?
A: Charcoal, black, grey, mocha and ivory. Wool is a natural product and each sheepskin may therefore slightly vary in colour.


Q: What thickness of sheepskin is available?
A: 16mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm and patchwork.


Q: Is there a lining?
A: Yes, there is a padding and the hide is covered by a soft fabric lining to protect your original seats. 


Q. My seats have heating. Is it safe to use these?
A: Yes, the seat covers will not damage your seats.