With the large variety of car covers on the market, it can be confusing selecting the suitable car cover
for your vehicle. Car covers come in a large range of prices, materials and features and the car cover you
choose will greatly depend on the budget you have, along with the expectation and use you have for the cover.
This guide will help you select which car cover is best for your vehicle and budget.

Waterproof Car Covers

What Car Cover is Best for Your Vehicle

Waterproof car covers are the top of the range of car covers. They are made from the thickest material and provide
the best protection from all the elements, from rain to hail to dust. Although you may think a waterproof car cover
is a simple item (a waterproof material covering the car) there is more science to it than that.
The material used to cover the car needs to be waterproof, but also allow the cover to breathe. This means the cover 
needs to allow air inside and underneath the cover but not allow water to penetrate. 
If it does not do this, the cover will sweat and mould will form causing huge problems to your paintwork.
Therefore waterproof car covers are made with special designs and materials which allow air to enter, but not water.


The Prestige car cover is the top of the range car cover on the market. 
The car cover features a 4 layer composite system. The breathable middle layer of the car cover allows water vapour
to escape, and prevents water from penetrating the material. 
The inner layer of the Prestige car cover is a very soft non scratch material. 
The Prestige car cover has the largest range of sizes available, from dual cab utes to XL Cadillacs, there is a size
to fit any vehicle.


The Xtrabond is a cheaper waterproof option to the Prestige car cover. The car cover has a 1 layer waterproof material and
uses an exclusive air ventilation system, rather than a breathable material. The Xtrabond car cover comes in 4 sizes:
small, medium, large and extra large.


Water Resistant Car Covers

Water Resistant car covers are a cheaper and lighter option to the fully waterproof car covers. These car covers offer resistance
to water, but if kept in the rain for long periods of time, will allow the water to penetrate through. Water resistant covers
are best used during dry seasons, or as dust covers.


The Weathertec car cover is a high quality water resistant cover. It is not 100% waterproof but is highly weatherproof.
The material is a UV stabilised breathable fabric, and features a soft non abrasive lining.
The Weathetec car cover comes in a large range of sizes from large 4WD's to wagons, there will be a size to fit most vehicles.


The Polypro is the lightest and lowest priced car cover in our range. The car cover is made from a strong, lightweight
and non abrasive polyester material and offers high levels of water and UV protection. This car cover is best suited for use
as a dust cover, for vehicles kept under a carport or for long periods of time in a garage.
The Polypro car cover comes in 2 sizes: small/medium and large/extra large.