Dynamat is the best and most popular sound deadening brand in the world.  They have a wide range of sound and heat blocking products for your vehicle and home.
Which Dynamat product is right for your application?
Below we summarise the products and recommended uses.

Which Dynamat To Use

Which Dynamat to Use?

  Uses Notes
Dynamat Xtreme Sound Deadening Most popular Dynamat.
Dynamat Superlite Lightweight sound deadening 30% Lighter and 30% thinner than Xtreme.
Dynaliner Lightweight heat insulator Can be used on top of Dynamat Xtreme.
Dynadeck Carpet replacement Blocks heat and noise.
Dynapad Undercarpet sound barrier Blocks noise and provides insulation. Automotive, residential and commercial applications.
Dynaplate SPL damping material Designed for maximum SPL.
Hoodliner Heat and sound liner for under the hood Provides maximum sound control when used on top of Dynamat Xtreme


Dynamat Xtreme

Here are the recommended applications for each Dynamat Xtreme size option.

Dynamat Xtreme Application
Speaker Kit 2 speakers.
Wedge Pack 5 speakers.
Door Kit 2 standard size doors.
Trunk Kit Trunk floor, side panels and trunk lid.
Bulk Pack (most popular) May be enough for 1 car.
Mega Pack Commercial quantity for multiple vehicles.



The Dynaliner insulator is available in different thicknesses. Below is the recommended usage for each thickness.

Dynaliner Floor Roof Underhood Under Trim (doors) Fiberglass Enclosures

It is also recommended to use the Dynamat Roller when applying your Dynamat to give it a professional smooth finish.  
Dynamat Aluminium Finishing Tape should also be used to secure and neaten up your installation.