Can I Fit Car Seat Covers To My Airbag Seats?

Can I Fit Car Seat Covers To My Airbag Seats?

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Car seat covers are one of the most popular car accessories on the market. They protect
your seat from damage, improve the resale value of your vehicle and can even add some style to the interior of your vehicle.
Modern vehicles now however, come with airbags integrated inside the seats. These
airbags will pop open, when there is an accident. Many customers looking to purchasecar seat covers are not sure whether you can fit
seat covers to these airbag seats.Thankfully due to the latest car seat cover technology, you now can.

Can I Fit Car Seat Covers To My Airbag Seats

Deploy Safe Stitching

Deploy Safe is a stitching technology used on the seams of the car seat covers.
This computerised controlled stitching allows the seams to burst open, when the airbags are
deployed in an accident. This allows the seat to still be fully covered by the seat cover
but allow the airbag to be effective.

Sheepskin Seat Covers

Most of our range of car seat covers have the Deploy Safe stitching. The popular
Drover, Rivergum, Snowyfleece and Adventurer sheepskin car seat covers all feature
this stitching.
The entry level Explorer range, does not allow for airbags and neither does the top of the
range Longreach. The Longreach 27mm sheepskin seat covers are a full sheepskin
and unfortunately the Deploy Safe stitching does not work on such thick sheepskin.

Throw Over Seat Covers

Throw over car seat covers are normally used as a temporary seat protector, so in most cases
these seat covers do not allow for airbags. Throwover seat covers such RM Williams, MSD,
Autometer, B&M all do not allow for airbags.
Thankfully the popular AXS throw over seat covers now come with airbag safe stitching.

Custom Made Seat Covers

Our custom made seat covers and pre-made packs all now feature Deploy Safe stitching for
vehicles with airbags.

Rear Seat Car Seat Covers

Certain high end vehicles these days even have airbags in the rear of the seats. This is still
very uncommon, and you will not find a seat cover product off the shelf which will allow
for the airbags in the rear. Motoquipe can custom make rear car seat covers with the Deploy Safe
stitching. Please contact us at for more info.



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