Do I Need Custom Fitting Car Seat Covers?

Do I Need Custom Fitting Car Seat Covers?

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In the past, buying car seat covers for your car was an easy task. You could walk into any auto parts
or accessories store and buy a universal size 30 car seat cover for the front seats, a universal 06 car seat cover for the rear bench seats, and get a pretty decent fit.
These days, car seats are far more complicated with a large array of features, that universal fitting car seat covers
are no longer as popular.

Do I Need Custom Fitting Car Seat Covers

Rear Seats

Rear car seats are the most common seats that require custom fitting. In the past, car seats would only
have a flat bench backrest and flat bench base. Universal rear car seat covers could easily accommodate such seats.
These days, it is common to see rear seats with 3 adjustable headrests, side bolsters, fold down armrests
and split fold base and backrest. To fit such a complicated seat, the rear would need to be custom made, to cover each
individual piece of the seat and still allow it to be adjustable.

Racing Style Seats

These days, with the power of vehicles increasing, seats are also a lot more contoured and body hugging.
Cars like the SS Holden Commodore, VW Golf GTi or Mitsubishi Lancer Evo all have racing style seats
in the front. The seats have aggressive contours and wings to keep the driver and passenger in place
during sharp turns, but these features also make it impossible to fit a universal seat cover to them.
Custom fitting car seat covers would need to be specially made to fit these seats for a perfect fit.

Headrest Monitors

With more and more technology being introduced to vehicles, headrest monitors are now a common option
in luxury vehicles. The monitors are embedded in the back of the headrest of the front seat to allow the
rear passengers a view of the screens. Custom made seat covers will allow you to fit seat covers over the
headrests with a provision for the screen.


Extra Large Seats

Large 4WD's such as the 200 Series Toyota Landcruiser or the Y62 Nissan Patrol have bucket seats for their
front seats, but if you attempt to fit a universal set of car seat covers to them, you will find the seats far too large.
Custom made car seat covers can be made to fit such extra large seats.


Special Seat Features

Car manufacturers are adding more and more features into vehicles these days. It is not uncommon to find extra
features in your car seats which will make it difficult to fit a universal car seat cover to the seats.
These features include: trays underneath the seat, electric seat controllers, front seat armrests, cup holders,
fold down tray tables to name a few.
All these seats can still be protected by seat covers but will require a custom made option.

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