A caravan cover is an essential item, for any caravan owner. It helps protect your valuable asset from the damaging effects of the harsh Australian climate.
When selecting a good caravan cover, ensure that the cover protects your caravan from all elements: rain, UV, snow, dust, birds and chemicals. It is also important that the material is non scratch and designed for caravans.  The material must be breathable so that no condensation or heat is trapped beneath the cover.
Some lower priced caravan covers available on the market are not designed for the harsh Australian climate. The Prestige Caravan and Pop Top cover range are treated with special UV stabilizers and are designed for our uniquely harsh conditions.
We have unboxed a Prestige Pop Top cover to show you the contents.
Pop top caravan cover box.

Contents of the box:
Caravan cover, rope, repair kit and bag.

Close up of water resistant side panel material.

Close up of waterproof roof section material.

Double stitched heavy duty zipper. 
Eyelets sewn for sun awning.

Heavy duty elasticised base.

Nylon strap and clip.

The size of your caravan cover depends of the length of your caravan. Ensure you measure your caravan accurately before ordering a cover.  To select your caravan cover, please click on the sizes below.

Pop Top Caravans
12Ft to 13.3Ft (3.7m to 4.06m)
13.4ft to 14ft (4.07m to 4.28m)
14ft to 16ft (4.2m to 4.8m)
16ft to 18ft (4.8m to 5.4m)
18ft to 20ft (5.4m to 6.0m)
20ft to 22ft (6.0m to 6.6m)
14ft - 16ft (4.3m - 4.8m)
16ft - 18ft (4.8m - 5.4m)
18ft - 20ft (5.4m - 6.0m)
20ft - 22ft (6.0m - 6.6m)
22ft - 24ft (6.6m - 7.3m)
24ft - 26ft (7.3m - 7.9m)