If you are looking for the best protection for your car seats, you can't go past canvas.
Canvas is the most rugged and durable material of them all. The material is 100% waterproof and
designed to take a daily beating. It is the material of choice for trades vehicles, trucks, mining vehicles
and farm vehicles. Below is a comparison of the leading canvas seat cover brands on the market.

  Outback Canvas RM Williams Tradies Tuffseat Black Duck
Canvas Type 11.6oz cotton
12oz canvas 14oz Polyester
12oz Australian
Made canvas
15.6oz military
grade Australian
Lining Foam backing Foam
No lining No lining No lining
Back/Skirting Poly stretch fabric Expanda Fit
14oz Polyester
12oz Australian
Made canvas
15.6oz military
grade Australian
Custom Price (per row) $319 $379 $179 From $325 From $309
Universal Available Yes Yes No No No
Value Premade Packs Yes No Yes No No
Universal Front Price $98 pair $279 pair N/A N/A N/A
Warranty 5 years 5 years 5 years 3 years 12month
Pattern Range Nearly all cars Nearly all cars Popular trade
Popular trade
Large range of
cars, trucks,
agricultural and
earth moving
Custom Made Timeframe 7-10 days 4 weeks Premade Only 4 weeks 8-10 weeks
Colours Available Black and
Black and
Black and grey Grey Grey, black and
brown as standard
Airbag Allowance Deploy Safe
Airbag seam Airbag seam Airbag seam Airbag seam
Logo No Rm Williams
No Tuffseat Logo Black Duck logo
Tie System Ties Strap with
clips *
Heavy duty
straps with velcro
Heavy duty
straps with
Heavy duty straps
with velcro
Waterproof Front of seats All except Expanda fit sections * All-over All-over All-over
Applications Casual 4WDing Casual 4WDing Commercial use Commercial
Commercial use,
mining and farming
Comfort Moderate
Very rough
Tough and
hard canvas
Tough and
hard canvas


Outback Canvas
The entry level canvas seat covers. These covers feature a 11.6oz waterproof cotton canvas on the front 
with a stretch fabric skirting and back. The seat covers are lined with a soft foam which makes these one of the most comfortable canvas seat covers on the market.
A universal set of front Outback Canvas seat covers will set you back under $100 making these the best value for money. They are also backed with a 5 year warranty, so if you are not looking to spend too much, you cannot go past the Outback canvas.


Verdict: Best value, very comfortable.

Outback Canvas

RM Williams Stockyard
These seat covers are made from a 12oz canvas and are a genuine RM Williams product, so you can be confident of the quality. What sets these seat covers apart from the rest, are the amazing amount of storage pockets they come with. The quality of the pockets are what you would find in a high end backpack and are perfect to keep your car organised.
Expanda-Fit stretch fabric is used in the sides, whilst the canvas is on the front and back of the seat cover. This makes them easy to fit and the canvas is foam lined for superior comfort. The RM Williams Stockyard come with a 5 year warranty.

* For easier access and fitting, custom-made covers incorporate a velcro strap fitting system, not with buckles and clips. The back of the seat covers are made of stretch material and not canvas.

Verdict: Best storage pockets, most comfortable.

Rm Williams Canvas


The Tradies are the best value "all-over" canvas seat covers. Made from a 14oz polyester canvas, these seat covers are nearly indestructable and fully wrap the seats with canvas (no stretch fabric). For an all-over canvas, these are amazing value with each row costing about $150, compared to Black Duck which can be easily cost $400-$500 per row. The canvas is unlined, so provides no comfort and the material is the roughest of the range. If you are a trades person and comfort is not a priority, then the Tradies are perfect. They are only available as a custom made, and the range of vehicles is quite small, but does cover most of the popular late model trades cars such as the Hilux, Navara and Landcruiser. The Tradies comes with a 5 year warranty.

Verdict: Best value all-over canvas.

Tradies canvas


The Tuffseat is a high end, Australian seat cover brand. The canvas is hand made, and its quality is so high that they are OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for several well known car brands. The Tuffseat canvas is a unique flame retardant, tear resistant 12oz Australian canvas, and is remarkably soft to touch. The range includes most popular late model trades vehicles and is only available in the mid grey colour. At roughly 60% of the price of the Black Duck SeatCovers, these are a great value hand made all-over canvas.

Verdict: OEM quality, Australian hand made, value alternative to Black Duck.

Tuffseat Canvas

Black Duck

The highest quality and most reputable canvas seat covers in Australia. Hand made from military grade 15.6oz Australian canvas, these are the pinnacle of canvas car seat covers. The all-over canvas are unlined, and rough but will provide your seats with the maximum protection available from a seat cover. Black Duck also have one of the largest vehicle databases on the market, with trucks, agricultural vehicles, buses and earth moving also on their range of seat covers. When you require the best protection, you cannot go past Black Duck, but for around $400 per row of seat covers, the Black Duck are also the toughest on your wallet.

Verdict: Ultimate quality hard wearing canvas. High price.

Black Duck Canvas