Sheepskin is nature's gift to the discerning motorist, and the best sheepskin for seat covers is found in Australia.

What makes sheepskin the best material for car seat covers?


What type of sheep?

Australian wool is world famous. In fact it has been said that Australia rides on the sheep's back.  With car seat covers this is absolutely true. However not all sheep are alike. The most famous breed - the Merino - has a fleece which is too fine and soft. Others are too rough and coarse, being suitable mainly for carpets, footwear or for floor rugs.  A cross bred Merino sheep with specific fleece thickness, length and density is the most ideal for car seat covers.



Sheepskin has "recoil" or "memory". Compress the wool fibre and release it ,and it will recover quickly to its original appearance, time and again. Under a microscope you could see that each wool fibre is made up of long coiled chain like molecules. These are linked to each other and when compressed, act like the spring of a car. When the pressure is removed they return to their original shape.  A sheepskin seat cover will always bounce back to its original luxurious look (not forever!).


There are millions of such springy wool fibres on a sheepskin, and between them are circulating air bubbles. You are actually riding on a"cushion of air".  These bubbles act as a "Climate Controller" between your body and the car seat. In summer, sheepskin seat covers remain cool even when left in direct sunlight, while In winter you are insulated from the sharp cold of vinyl or leather.


Wool has another wonderful property - natural absorption.  When relative humidity in the air is higher than that of the sheepskin leather, moisture is absorbed by the fibre and travels down to the leather where it is absorbed by it like a sponge.  Amazingly, the leather can hold three times its own weight in water. So on those hot days, the wool fibres drink up moisture and keep you feeling dry.



Once the skin has been chosen, tanning is what will determine its long term qualities. Tanning is an ancient art practiced by man for thousands of years. Early methods of tanning used chemicals readily available in nature. The results were less than perfect. The hide would harden, shrink in time, or the fleece would malt. It took modern chemical processes and lots of research to perfect this ancient craft.


How Does Tanning Improve the Skin?

The skins can be preserved for long a long time by salting. This inhibits biological activity i.e. rotting. The skins are first cleaned by washing out the natural fats of the animal. This removes the unpleasant odours and bacteria. The tanning process seals the skin by replacing the natural lanolin, with a synthetic one.  Chromium based tanning is the most advanced and

results in a hide which remains soft and supple for many years to come. Finally the skins are dyed with colour fast dyes to almost any shade required.


Fleece length and polish

It is the fleece on the skin that makes a sheepskin seat cover so comfortable and luxurious - and the more of it there is, the better.  We use 19mm (3/4 inch) and 25mm (1 inch) thick skins in our fully tailored seat covers. In the finishing process our skins go through a polishing machine which gives them a shine removed by the previous chemical processes. It comes to your car with the softness and smoothness of the original skin as it was on the back of the sheep - minus the unpleasant odours. As you sink into the seat, you feel yourself surrounded by that cosy feeling that only nature at its best can provide.


Fully Tailored Sheepskin Seat Covers

1. Glove-like Fit - Our fully tailored seat cover is made to fit your car seat perfectly. It is

cut in panels, contoured to fit the panels of the original seat. It is literally a "second skin" on

your seat.

2. Generous Skin Usage - Our unique designs distinguish between the fits required

for different cars. For two-door cars the covers are made in two separate parts, one

for the seat and one for the back part.  This way they can move totally independently

as the manufacturer intended. Sedans and wagons are made in a one piece design.

Extra skin is provided to tuck into the seat fold. This keeps the cover from pulling

when the seat is in a reclining position.

3. Attention to Detail - Attention to detail is what really sets our seat covers apart from other manufacturers. Our unique patterns ensure a perfect alignment of panels when sewing. There are no buckling or "puckering" of the covers. When cutting, the patterns are orientated so that the grain of the fleece runs downward on the back panel and towards the fold on the seat part. This minimizes the friction between your body and the seat cover when getting in and out. This reduces wear and tear on the seat.


4. Largest Range - We have accumulated over 2500 patterns to cover all the cars on the road - front, middle or rear seats. You can choose from 5 colours in several qualities of sheepskin.

5. Invisible Seams - Specially developed techniques and many hours of careful cutting and sewing result in an almost invisible seam. The fur along both sides of each seam is hand-worked to give this attractive look.

6. Matched Skins - Sheepskin is a natural product, hence no two skins are exactly alike.  We select from hundreds of skins to match a sufficient number for a pair of seat covers. The slight differences in colour, texture, pile density and wool length are mostly eliminated with careful attention to details.

7. Straps Out of Sight - Heavy duty one inch straps are used for securing the covers. These are positioned under the seat and remain out of sight.

8. Non-Slide Fit - Our seat covers, once fitted will never move. Four sets of straps (3 front to rear and one side to side) ensure a self tightening rock-steady fit.

9. Quality Fasteners - AIl our seat covers feature

strong nickel plated self-tightening buckles. These will last for years and will not rust.

10. Unique Tanning Process - The skins used are of the highest possible density and

are all 'Chrome-Tanned'. This method of tanning results in a soft yet strong pelt. The

fleece is one-inch export quality, polished and guaranteed for colour fastness.

11. Heavy Duty Stitching - lndustrial grade polyester cotton thread is used on all covers. The end of each panel is double stitched for extra strength and all seams are aligned so as to give a flat surface after stitching. This same system is used in high class fur coats.

12. Deploy Safe Stitching - The Deploy Safe seat covers use a special thread and computerised controlled stitching in the side seams, which open immediately upon airbag deployment. This stitching is similar to the stitching used by car manufacturers in their airbag seats.

Each Deploy Safe seat cover comes with a unique verification barcode stitched into each seam for maximum quality control. Each barcode can be attach to a certificate which is provided for registration.

13. Seatcare Covers - We care a great deal about your car. For this reason

we developed the 'Seatcare" covers. This registered design seat cover is made of

polythene, and is placed on your seat before the seat covers are fitted on. It prevents any rubbing between the skin and the seat. Your original are thus protected completely.

14. Exclusive Warranty - Our custom sheepskins seat covers are warranted to be free from

defective material and workmanship for a period (up to 7 years) from date of purchase. This warranty explicitly covers straps. loose stitching. broken fasteners and torn leather. *

*Seat covers damaged by water are not covered by warranty.

Purchasers should expect the colour of the wool to fade to a slightly lighter colour.

All warranty repairs will be performed at the factory free of charge.

Contact us for more information on ordering a custom made set of sheepskin seat covers.